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  1. don_dolittle

    NOTABLE! Vegan / Vegetarians Only (Chat about lifestyle, opportunities, food, whatever...)

    Hi folks I am looking for a tool/service to help me navigate vegan products in super markets on the fly. Like solves the need when it comes to restaurants and take away, I am looking for something to help me navigate the jungle both locally and while abroad. Instead...
  2. don_dolittle

    Open source eCommerce platforms in 2021

    I am looking for advice on which building block/foundation to choose for an eCommerce platform B2C. Something similar to Amazon selling niece products (can’t disclose right now). I prefer taking the simple web approach and building a PoC before even considering native apps and all that mambo...
  3. don_dolittle

    Java or Kotlin for native android app?

    W u are welcome! I am curious to know what kind of app you’re building?
  4. don_dolittle

    Java or Kotlin for native android app?

    This would also be my take on it. I would recommend learning either javascript if you choose the react native way or Dart and going the Flutter way. Personally I prefer the Flutter framework which seems to have gained a lot of traction lately and is also backed by Google. Happy hacking!
  5. don_dolittle

    HOT! [JOURNEY] I made a list of 100 money-making fastlanes (with monthly revenue displayed)

    Good stuff Lamine. Well, yes that was my thought. The idea has to be validated though… A/B testing is your friend. I would personally look for google trend data on specific industries and company names. There is an unofficial python package acting API for google trends, worth checking out...
  6. don_dolittle

    HOT! [JOURNEY] I made a list of 100 money-making fastlanes (with monthly revenue displayed)

    interesting idea! who would be the target audience, angel investors, VC’s etc? On top of my mind I my a column industry categories; Fintech, Cleantech, Healthtech etc… Moreover, did you consider adding other metrics such data from google trends and social media engagement?
  7. don_dolittle

    working on it...

    working on it...
  8. don_dolittle

    Potential app idea

    Great Idea! A similar concept called Fetch is currently beta testing in Santa Fe, NM. Might serve as inspiration. Edit: also just found this startup backed by Founders Fund: This is just confirming that your idea has potential. Compitition is healthy...
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