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My name is Dom. I live in Bavaria, Germany, and I went to High School in Wisconsin. I have a Master's degree in English, geography, and teaching science from the University of Augsburg. I will finish my business degree (I specialize in accounting and digitalization of manufacturing) in September 2021.
My goal is to help people become happier, make more money, and have more success with women by becoming most physically attractive. And I would like to get handsomely paid for it ;-) ( Shoutout to other Dr. Demartini fans ;-)
My passion is online business, scaling, and the magic of big numbers. Feel free to reach out to me :) I would love to find like-minded friends with a love for entrepreneurship and living in the fastlane.
Bavaria, Germany
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I work in finance (for now). I'm the author of the book "Making YOU Most Attractive" and I produce content for my websites and Youtube Channel.


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