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    Watch for this fraud on Upwork

    They would have been a student in Computer Science's college and have history of geek stuff... It's typically the self-taught who have missed logic development exercises(which are not easy at all, it took me 2 years) and have to rely on this stuff.
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    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    All successfully people are people are saying bring value into people's life. In the real world is actually very difficult to execute and has a lot to do with luck. How would you go on about creating something of value, selling it through e-commerce and be profitable(to be least at least let go...
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    HOT TOPIC List @ The Few People who have Lamborghinis

    Am I the only one who actually likes this guy? It's really cool to drive a lambo I don't have a Lamborghini.
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    Has anyone overcome "Competent Self Destruction" as described in Unscripted?

    Read 3 chapters of this book and is a complete mess. Can you make an tldr of how anything he says works and is useful? He really just gave reports of some researches and drug abuse.
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    HOT TOPIC Creating a Sicilian food franchise [HELP NEEDED]

    This is a nice little plan however I don't see a vision. It would be better for an example If you didn't open the standard shop and started selling exactly like the standard people. You could go for opening multiple stands(which are movable,less expensive and you can design them however you...
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    Best Slowlane Job Recommendations?

    I'm thinking about serving in a coffee shop at a popular place. Lots of people tip and even though the pay is low.
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    HOT TOPIC Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    You can refuse to pay the freelancer If he doesnt get the job done. However this is very dirty business...
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    HOT TOPIC Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    Thanks for the heads up and stopping me before wasting months on this subject. :D As a Computer Scientist student I'll go and work myself for now until I gather enough decent money to start my original business idea.
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    HOT TOPIC Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    Does anyone have an advice on how to find the people who need a website? A friend of mine did something like this and failed miserably.
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    INTRO A 21's old hungry boy

    Until the limit is still a limit. Both you and me are young guys and have so much to improve! Have a great time here.
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    Is 2.5k$ on domain name worth it? Facts inside

    Honestly never buy a domain for more than 200 euros. If your original name is occupied come up with a new name + your mission. Example: b2b + Also: use only .com so people will trust the website.
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    Dealing with "side-effects" of Unscripted

    I wanted to create a forum post labeled: No Excuse and Gratitude, hope it helps: This will be a very short thread but how many of here are dead broke people? The promise I made with myself whilst pirating every book that might help me or program is that I would return and buy them in a...
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    Big-Tech under Big-Government Scrutiny...

    Microsoft saw this coming and might be going full open-source in the future...
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    Starting a shampoo business [HELP NEEDED]

    I would suggest start first selling in your own city(make money and see how it goes), then hit the market all at once to avoid obvious complications(when a small company I see starting their own unique business, have seen too many big companies just copy paste the product and completely destroy...

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