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Damian Pros
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  • Just saw the backlash you're getting on youtube. Looked you up and then realized - oh wait that the fiverr guy from TFLT!
    HI Damian

    Great recent post on the forum

    Can you help me getting IG Follows? you mentioned how you grew your IS in the thousands what would i need to do?


    Hey Damian, how are you?

    Just seen your post on how you scaled your freelance business on fiver. Awesome stuff man! Anyways, I wanted to ask if the same model can be used with writing services? I write for a few companies but would like to scale it like yours?


    Have a great day

    Damian Pros
    Damian Pros
    Hey Hassan,

    I don't have a clear picture of what you are doing. It could probably be done, but I couldn't tell for sure without knowing more details. E-mail me using the contact form on my website and I will try to help you further.
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