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    Velocity Banking

    I have an acre and a half in California. The mortgage is $1,800 a month including tax. I live in the house, rent out 2 bedrooms for $400 each. I also rent temporary space for people to park and live in motorhomes - another $300 per month - but not always occupied. I have 3 small workshops and a...
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    Paranoia and Social Anxieties Are Killing My Fastlane Dreams

    For all of you who have posted on this thread... this was my way of dealing with the problem: Reading - "Quiet" by Susan Cain & "The Introvert's Way" by Sophia Dembling Made it MUCH easier on me, once I understood who I was and how to work around it in everyday life. Reading them also helped...
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    RANT Despite All My Rage I'm STILL Trapped Like a Rat In A Cage - Advice/ Help Needed

    Yep, fluoroquinolones are very nasty. Cost me two years of my life recovering from the medical system mistake... I was not aware of the heart problem possibility, have to go look into that now... thanks - I think?
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    GOLD! Newbies and Wantrepreneurs, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!

    Great post! Printed it out and stuck it in the center of my laptop screen. Have to move it outta the way every time I want more "information"...
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    NOTABLE! Vegan / Vegetarian Lifestyle Discussion

    Thanks, Sanj Modha! I DID learn some things I did not know about figs - due to what YOU posted... quite probably more than anyone on this forum has any use for! If not, don't waste your time reading further... Amazing, walking past these trees every damn day for 17 years - how ignorant one...
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    NOTABLE! Vegan / Vegetarian Lifestyle Discussion

    Figs? I do not understand why? We have 3 fig trees on the place. "White" and Mission varieties. They are definitely fruit. Never seen an insect on mine. Birds, yes. Lots of birds come when they get ripe. If you pick them just before they are ripe enough to attract the birds it's not a problem...
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    NOTABLE! Vegan / Vegetarian Lifestyle Discussion

    The simple answer is NOT to become a fanatic/purist... about anything. If you go down the road you are describing, you won't be able to wear synthetics or use plastics either. There might actually be some dissolved baby dinosaur in the petroleum that those products are made from... c'mon! Be...
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    NOTABLE! Vegan / Vegetarian Lifestyle Discussion

    The lack if information among people who actually consume foods on a daily basis - as to how it is produced - never ceases to amaze me... First off, if you eat honey, you are not a "pure" vegan/vegetarian. (Insectarian?) I raise bees & harvest honey. It is INEVITABLE that microscopic bee parts...
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    GOLD! Newbies and Wantrepreneurs, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!

    What is the record on here for for an "action faker" who finally comes around to getting Unscripted? How many years?
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    RANT A week of work down the drain...

    Not a good idea to be sharing this... some things are better kept private...
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