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  • Hello Andrew,

    I've used them all and what I've found out is each has its own pros and cons depending on your starting capital and trading style.

    Zecco is the cheapest at 4.95 a trade, and the best if you want to trade mostly penny stocks. They used the market maker NITE which is the fastest for penny stocks and they have a mobile version. They also offer level 2 quotes if you are willing to pay. However, they suck for short-selling, and are ok for options.

    Etrade is more expensive, but becomes cheaper at only 9.99 a trade if you make over 30 trades a quarter and has some of the best software I've seen for free as long as you qualify. They allow you to input your trades by the amount of money you wish to spend, instead of the number of shares you wish to buy so you can react faster, and are great for options and short-selling.

    How much are you starting out with, and what type of equities do you wish to trade?
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