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  1. cy-

    OFF-TOPIC What is the "bong" sound on this site?

    Whaaaat I spend so much time looking for that!! I think I've spent a great deal less time on TFLF this year simply due to that sound. I always had TLFL open in some tab and would sometimes browse around, but I've just done that less due to that super annoying sound... Thank god for the...
  2. cy-

    HOT TOPIC Enneagram Test: What are you?

    I think it hits pretty accurately, but in many ways I feel very ambivalent with how I am as a person. Take for example "Three", which matches me 91%. I very much care about my "image" and reputation in the way that, I do not look to make more enemies than friends for no particular reason. But...
  3. cy-

    HOT TOPIC 'Parasite' won the Oscar for "Best Picture." I couldn't be more disgusted.

    I actually believe it was a great movie. I agree with you that it starts out by trying to make you sympathize with the poor family at first, but after they start manifesting themselves in the Park family I think it gradually shows them as worse people throughout the movie. I also liked it...
  4. cy-

    HOT TOPIC My Latest Experience Selling N95 Masks

    I don't really agree with any of your lessons here, but this one I disagree with the most. You are suggesting the resources in our world holds a static value and therefore if someone gains more, someone else will lose the equal amount. Do you really believe in that?
  5. cy-

    $100k in 6 months

    Sorry, but I don't quite understand your valuation model. A business is worth what someone is willing to purchase it for, and I don't represent everyone, but I would never pay 30x multiplier on 30 DAYS earnings. It makes no sense to me? Oh okay, so you sell sun lotion on your website, and your...
  6. cy-

    INTRO 25 years old, recently graduated, ready to enter the FastLane

    Interesting form of video games you found a need for there! I'm aware of these erotic games, but how exactly does it work? Is it like porn movies where you play as the "main character"? Or it is actually games with objectives etc. just with more focus on the erotic? Playing a computer game...
  7. cy-

    Hiring my first employee - Heavily overthinking it...

    Hey Phikey, I spent way more time and energy on my job post than on my OP here ;) One of my strengths I believe, is that I know myself really well. I know this one in particular is one I'm not very good at. That said, I have what it takes to do what is necessary, but man I'm not looking...
  8. cy-

    Anyone listen to Jay-Z? Entrepreneurial lessons GALORE.

    Full volume Jay-Z in the car always gets me fired up on my way to work. Love how all the corporate monkeis in the parking lot are looking at me like "wtf is this teenager doing here, turn that shit down" :rofl:
  9. cy-

    Hiring my first employee - Heavily overthinking it...

    In case anyone would fall over this thread and wonder, how I handled the situation onwards, here's an update: I have had my first employee for approximately a month now. Its going well and I must admit its the second best choice I made so far in terms of hiring. The best choice I made was to...
  10. cy-

    Ashamed of business?

    Who cares what people think? Run the haters over in your Urus bought from house cleaning money!
  11. cy-

    Why Entrepreneurs Will Always Win

    I remind myself of these kind of things too sometimes. Also as a startup you have the advantage of making faster decisions. You don't need to have any small idea or change going through a board of executives or confirmed by your manager's manager's manager.. Despite that I would still suggest...
  12. cy-

    HOT TOPIC You can always tell them to go to hell tomorrow.

    I suppose your avatar is the face you make when it happens :rofl: :rofl:
  13. cy-

    HOT TOPIC Income Store, Legit? NO, A SCAM AS WE PREDICTED.

    I remember reading this thread back in 2018 and wondering how skilled they would have to be to pull such a business off. Seems like shit just got real for them. I hope anyone here who have money stuck with The Income Store will get as much of their money back as possible. Will be interesting...
  14. cy-

    I owe MJ an apology

    Congrats on your success! Be very proud! The fact that you call yourself out on a previous statement shows that you self reflect and can admit when you are/were wrong. I bet this ability played a huge part in your current success. Good luck further and keep us updated.
  15. cy-

    RANT New Year's Goals are Stupid

    I set a goal for 2021, which was to survive the 1st of January. Barely made it, not sure I would if it hadn't been a goal for the year. What you describe is sort of like if we, as entrepreneurs, would say "Nah, I'll give it a try again next accounting year, wont break the $1 mil profit anyways...

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