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    This. 1. Focus on being in caloric deficit, don't focus on type of the diet. (count your calories/setup macros in myfitnesspal app) 2. Add weight training to your routine and learn proper techniques of exercises. (Form is first, weight second but you want to push as hard as you can) Here are...
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    GOLD! Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    Thanks, I will keep doing it. And you are right with that, that you need to force yourself in the beginning. I remember when I started going to the gym I was forcing myself too, but then after some time it become a habit. And when you see results you become obsessed with it even more.
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    GOLD! Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    I still wake up at 4am every day, great working motivation when I wake up that early. Although my productivity increased, I was action faking a lot(still improving website, thinking about how do I form my emails, constantly learning, watching yt videos). In short - 0 sales, no results.. I...
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    EXECUTION Chasing Freedom - Creating My Own Digital Marketing Company

    May I ask what is the name of theme? Edit: I got it, but thanks anyway
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    Lifetime passive income: The Paycheck Pot In Action

    Thanks for the explanation MJ. Do I need to live in the US to be able to invest in this? btw. Yesterday I ordered Unscripted and TMF, can't wait!
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    HOT TOPIC 3 years in the forum.... just made over $10,000 in 2 weeks at 17 years old.

    Wish you the best.. That is some huge growth.I am gonna start with cold emailing.
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    GOLD! Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    I did it today and looking forward to wake up at this time every day.. It is great. I never had this much productive day and morning... I started today digital marketing agency and already done a lot of tasks. Thanks for the great tip @458
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    GOLD! CHECKLIST: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency & Hit $5K in Less than 90 Days

    @Sean Marshall Thanks a ton! You are such a value bomber! I really appreciate all of this information. Today is my day 1. Hustlin hard from the morning. As I am from Slovakia, I will be networking online.
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    GOLD! Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    Just try different things and choose. Dont overthink.
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    GOLD! Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    Thanks again. I set my alarm clock. You are great that after all that money you are making you help and share value on this forum.
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    GOLD! Doing $75,000 USD Per WEEK (Service Business)

    You are living the damn good life.. How did you develop your mindset, you are so wise. I guess its years of practice and improving. I feel so stuck, lot of informations out there.. IDK what is bad with me.. I always start something and never finish it.. I feel so bad, but I have a lot of time...
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    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    Great thread as always, Thanks Lex. Lets go to the work. 1. Why are you doing this? I am doing this because right now I don't have a stable cashflow and I need money for other projects (shopify store, fb ads, influencers). Of course I want to travel and have income so my parents don't need to...
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    HOT TOPIC Will smoking weed make me lazy/hurt my (good) mindset?

    Dont start with it, I smoked it last year with friend rarely. At first you have some funs but then its just a time waster. I stopped because I started to forgot things and feel dumb. Go 100% biz focus.
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    INTRO From Broke Student to 10K/month (still student)

    Congrats to your success :), I wanted to start dropshipping long time ago, but my wrong mindset/excuses didnt allowed me to do. I will change it up... already gathering money for startup too. Do you had some income when you was starting out? Or just budget to start?
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