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  1. Noo

    OFF-TOPIC First Payout

    Congrats, bro! :) <3
  2. Noo

    HOT! Feedback on marketing high-tech agricultural product

    They won't, but you just need them to resend the e-mail to the small owners they represent. I thought about them because they probably have a lot of contacts.
  3. Noo

    RANT Fastlane Idea

    I don't know how those work out. I know that there are certifications on the internet that aren't valuable to find a job. It has more to do with the certification itself and the evaluation method. I guess MOOCs on Coursera and EdX would be more useful, even if you only get the certificate of...
  4. Noo

    RANT Fastlane Idea

    Are you learning this at home?
  5. Noo

    MEETUPS Phoenix Meetup

    Working for one day be in that room <3
  6. Noo

    HOT! Feedback on marketing high-tech agricultural product

    Agricultural business conferences? Email all the associations that do the lobbying for small business owners.
  7. Noo

    Is A Services Business Considered Fastlane ?

    You should run the CENTS by yourself. At least try... and then we can review it. You need to be able see what's fastlane or not by yourself. Be well :)
  8. Noo

    OFF-TOPIC They literally want Jeff Bezos dead

    Look, I didn't study/read (I will just enumerate a few and mostly leftist literature) Chomsky, Foucault, Robert Reich, Varoufakis, Marx, all the history of the "golden capitalism", the nordic model, how the IMF was founded and what divergences there were at the beginning, for you to equal co-op...
  9. Noo

    Can’t decide between side hustles and a ‘real job’

    "I’m stuck in a decision choosing either the beginning of what could become the Slow Lane or a good decision." You're afraid. Everyone is. You're not alone.
  10. Noo

    OFF-TOPIC They literally want Jeff Bezos dead

    lol don't be scared. Just get out of your bubble.
  11. Noo

    OFF-TOPIC They literally want Jeff Bezos dead

    I don't agree with civil wars, and with the need of using violence. I believe we need to change things democratically. Almost everyone on the left hate (=/= wishing their dead) everyone on the top 10 of Forbes list, and that's why it seems the left hate all billionaires, or millionaires...
  12. Noo

    Which path would you choose?

    In general (each sector will be different, obviously). It's not just a battle against cheap labor. It's a battle against automation too. In the end, only big companies win, and even they tend to agglomerate themselves in bigger conglomerates. That's not a bug of the current system, it's a...
  13. Noo

    OFF-TOPIC They literally want Jeff Bezos dead

    Wtf? Do you know not every leftist is a revolutionary, right? Everyone who is a reformist and wants Jeff dead "only" wants Jeff dead because he's one of the most disgusting people with power on Earth. That's the big majority, by far, of the first group - everyone who wants Jeff dead. And that...
  14. Noo

    Able to proceed or walk away? (Legal)

    You first do what every developer do. APIs, developer licenses,etc. It appears you only have access to the information on that list. The permissions you have as a developer might be...
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