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  1. RANT Another scourge of the slowlane: open offices

    Some people think Stalin was the worst man to ever live I'd instead give that handle to the inventor of the "open office"
  2. Google Chrome bookmarks experiences

    Google bookmarks works perfectly 10/10 imo it's what made me a Chrome user after years of Mozilla. Instant sync between my mobile and laptop/desktops.
  3. MARKETPLACE The Devil's Pen - Learn Copywriting with Lex DeVille

    Hi Lex I only just discovered copyrighting but sign my up for when I'm finished Gary Halberts challenge in a couple of months or so, I have bookmarked this thread.
  4. Slowlane Joining the Slowlane at McDonald's

    You have to do second interviews for McDonalds Janitor jobs now.... The worlds gone nuts
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