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    Trader Made Billions on Subprime

    That's all a matter of personal opinions. If I could continue to profit while my friend(s) were implying my strategy I would have no problem with it, but if it robbed me of my profiting, I wouldn't be to happy about it.
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    I know nothing about stock trading. Where do I start?

    Make an account for a virtual profile on, it's a great way to learn, using rela marker conditions and prices.
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    OFF-TOPIC Kids and Money

    Oh and atw, nice job! I wish I started that young.
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    OFF-TOPIC Kids and Money

    Wow, some of you guys are tough. I'm still in high school as is obvious from my age. I don't and never have got an allowance, instead I got paid for doing chores. I think it has taught me responsibility, and instilled in me the value of money. I mean I am on this site for a reason after all. I...
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    WEB/DIGITAL 3 letter domains

    I think they (meaning the .mobi, .asia, etc) will catch on soon enough. As Jorge has allready shown, they're definately on their way up, espescially in value.
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    Energy, and how to get it when you're running low?

    For me if I hit a road block in something I'm doing, I'll go out for a little while. I might go for a ride, but you're more likely to find me playing hockey. It gets the problem off my mind, I get almost in a zone, and when I come back to what I was doing, I get done what I couldn't before. Find...
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    Hello Fastlane Folks!

    Welcome to the forum! GL with your business ventures, you'll enjoy this great forum.
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    Trader Made Billions on Subprime

    Wheels if it were to have gone downhill, ofcourse he could start another fund, with or without his money. But it wouldn't have been nearly as easy to raise the capital that really is needed to be successful, unless he personally had a few million to risk, in personal funds.
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    HOT TOPIC Fastlane to Millions Reality Apprentice Wanted!!!!

    Good luck to all taking part in this venture together!
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    HOT TOPIC Your Social Network Pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

    And a group would be a cool idea, if we had at least 20 or so people.
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    HOT TOPIC Your Social Network Pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

    aaron i added you as well.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the fourm, you'll learn a great deal, as I have, and will continue to. Nice enzo in that picture.
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    OFF-TOPIC Explanation Please!!

    ^^ Great Quote! Speed ++
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    HOT TOPIC Your Social Network Pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

    I'm surprised more people don't have myspace and facebook accounts.
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    Trader Made Billions on Subprime

    Oh, and by no means am I saying that being in his position, or any other hedge fund managers, isn't stressful.

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