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    Advice for buying a business with a friend.

    I am a huge car guy so I use a lot of car analogies. Its kind of like Chevy selling the Corvette name to Porsche. A specialized product from a company that makes non-specialized products selling to a brand that makes more specialized products. This product is just about half the price of its...
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    Advice for buying a business with a friend.

    I havent been around much, but I view on occasion. I have been busy working mostly(for someone unfortunately). I have recently learned about an opportunity to buy a small fairly unknown type of business(except in the "industry" it will be in). I will be buying it with a friend(if everything...
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    How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings

    I just bought this book last week(Second Edition). Im glad to see that others agree the book is a good one to read. One thing I dont understand is the Seller Financing. Can anyone explain this to me a little better? How do you get a seller to do this? Maybe Im way in over my head, but my...
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    INVESTING Good book to learn about investing in the stock market

    Thanks I will look into those books.
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    OFF-TOPIC Should I get a job?

    Do what you think will make you happy. If you want to work for yourself go for it start the business. I would love to work for myself, but the problem is I cant think of anything I could do good at doing my own business. The one Idea I have is getting me nowhere, I guess marketing it is my...
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    INVESTING Good book to learn about investing in the stock market

    Im new to the stock market. I would like a good book or website to understand what everything means on a stock quote and what to look for in a good stock(this is probably more up to you what you think is good).
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    OFF-TOPIC Any pilots or thrill seekers out there?

    I love to race my car(mostly on the strip) does that count a thrill seeker? Best so far is 12.65 at 110. Would also like to sky dive sometime and I would like to learn to fly someday too.
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    Quiznos prices....ouch.

    I love Quiznos, but rarely eat there because of their prices. In my city we have so many sandwich places its not even funny. And they are all better price wise and quality than Quiznos. I thought about starting a Quiznos at the last place I lived. But then I started going to them more and...
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    OFF-TOPIC Left / Right Brain Test

    Clockwise for me. But if I look away or dont focus on it it will change then if I focus on it again it will change back to clockwise. I dont know I think its random.
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    My Goals....

    Here are my goals: My biggest goal is not to work for anyone for the rest of my life. I would really like to get in to the 7 figure income but I would be fine with not having a boss for the rest of my life. With out going into to much detail, I want to provide a service with an online...
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    OFF-TOPIC Crazy Credit Abuse

    What makes people think they can spend money they dont even have? I use credit cards every month for a lot of my expenses, but I always keep track of how much is on them and always pay them off every month even if I did spend a little more than I should have. I have had a credit card since I...
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    INTRO You're from where??

    Re: Your from where? Sioux Falls, SD
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    WEB/DIGITAL Steps to starting an ebiz??

    Thanks that looks like what Im looking for. I will have to read into that further and figure it out. Speed +++
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    Business Degress?

    Jeez I am blind :bgh:
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    Business Degress?

    Im kind of considering a business degree(Ebiz). What are they worth with people like me just wanting to start a business from the very basic level? I was thinking about starting in January but now I got thinking are they really worth it? I dont need a degree to start a business, some of the...
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