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  1. awestbro

    EXECUTION Online Marketplace Execution

    How do you plan to market your service? What happens if pbnation/ facebook groups ban you for promoting?
  2. awestbro

    NOTABLE! Help! How do I sell my SaaS application to HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Maid Service, Yard Care, etc., Companies?

    Are the two companies you do business with in the same industry? Looking at your home page, it seems like you may want to conquer one niche to start, then expand. At my day job I work with very similar CRM systems for Home Inspection companies, and there are so many small but killer features...
  3. awestbro

    The Oft-Repeated Pattern of Stakeholder Demotion and Entrepreneurial Opportunity

    So glad there's a good competitor to Adobe now. I downloaded Affinity a couple months ago to do some quick wireframes and its 99% of what I wanted from similar Adobe tools and really fast to boot. I have the iPad and desktop apps and both are fantastic.
  4. awestbro

    HOT TOPIC Fastest Way to Build an App?

    How so? Right now is the easiest time in history to get started in application development. You have a wealth of templates, courses, and hard problems productized out for you to build off of (Stripe, Cloud Providers, etc.).
  5. awestbro

    Services I Overpaid For

    And split the profit? One Guy. One disguise. One Truck ;)
  6. awestbro

    OFF-TOPIC Must See Movies, Recommendations?

    I agree with you on Disney, Marvel, action movies with cars and gun chases. But... if you want to give action movies a try, I would totally recommend Baby Driver. Thought I would hate it from the trailer. Friend had to drag me to the movie theatre, but damn its one of my favorite overall...
  7. awestbro

    HOT TOPIC Really good (but obscure) business books?

    Take notes. Don't just straight up copy sentences, put it in my own words.
  8. awestbro

    HOT TOPIC Really good (but obscure) business books?

    I bought an iPad this month. Having kindle side by side with a handwritten note taking app is doing wonders for my information retention.
  9. awestbro

    HOT TOPIC Marketing my pressure washing service

    I'm subbed to /r/sweatystartup and they always have posts on pressure washing businesses. May be some useful reading:
  10. awestbro

    HOT TOPIC Which programming language do you use most?

    Haha, I think python is here to stay for quite a while. And the best language is the one you know and are already productive in. I think the biggest draw to learning Elixir/ Erlang is definitely soft realtime stuff. Chat applications, any sort of concurrent communication. Theres lots of battle...
  11. awestbro

    HOT TOPIC Which programming language do you use most?

    Elixir is its own language. Phoenix is a library for Elixir. Postgres is its own database. Turbolinks, Stimulus, and React are all javacript libraries. The libraries were outside of the scope of the original question, but felt like they were worth mentioning if anyone was interested
  12. awestbro

    HOT TOPIC Which programming language do you use most?

    I do a lot of web development. I've worked with lots of languages of the past 8 years. For the past two years I've been happily coding with Elixir. Elixir is a weird mix of Ruby syntax on top of the Erlang VM. Looks hipster at first but... I first got into Elixir actually through watching a...
  13. awestbro

    aggregated book recommendations A little more techy, but this one aggregates book recommendations mentioned on Hacker News
  14. awestbro

    INTRO Tech entrepreneur looking into bootstrapping an online business

    Welcome! Do you need this for your idea right now? It not too hard to learn Kubernetes with autoscaling definitions. Took me a few days to get a cluster up and running on DigitalOcean. Whats the minimum amount of work you can do to validate your idea today?
  15. awestbro

    SELL ME SAT Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Business, More! (July W3/W4)

    I finished a lot of SEO stuff this week. Still more to go, but the site is getting to a point where I can now shift to working on great content and acquiring users. Also, I'll be making an execution thread soon!

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