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    Move out parents home?

    It's not as good as what I could afford but price/quality is 10/10. And in the center of my city ( big city). And I don't have to spend 1 single euro to move in. No upfront payment, no minimum contract. Just need to move my stuff.
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    Move out parents home?

    I don't want to talk too much about my business, let's say I'm an artist and sell my works at a very high price. Plus I'm building a very solid and strong brand and also personal brand as an international influencer/artist. I forgot to say that I found a very cheap apparment ( no roommates) ...
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    Move out parents home?

    Hello guys, I have been lurking on this forum for a few years. I'm a proud fan of TF and Unscripted and have been trying to apply the concepts and the lifestyle proposed by DeMarco. At the moment I'm facing a very difficult decision for someone of my age. I'm 24 years old and do work or...
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    I can manufacture jeans/denim clothes better and cheaper than most. How can I sell LOADS?

    Hello Gallagher, I own an italian brand and work in the luxury fashion field. I'm looking for a product to sell and your story is really interesting. The story of my family business is really close to your. I would love to talk with you regarding a possibile business together. You can send me...
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    INTRO I'm here to learn how to drive in the FastLane

    Hello Guys, My name is Andrea and I'm a 23yo entrepreneur from Italy. I have a menswear business that is giving me good profits thanks to a really good magnitude, it still needs a lot of work to become a fastlane business but I'm confident I can reach my goal. I finally read The Millionaire...

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