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  1. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    I think in a lot of industries businesses get used to the norm, if its always been that way then why change it right? We all know that people and organisations are resistant to change, uncertainty is scary, it's our job as entrepreneurs to make these changes but create comfort and certainty in...
  2. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    Hi Richard, Thanks man, long ways to go just yet. I found a manufacturer who made the product i wanted, then requested small changes specific to my market so i could differentiate my product enough. The cost to make these changes was nil, and as far as bringing the cost of the product down...
  3. AndyNZ

    NOTABLE! [Progress] Sanctus Nutrition - Supplement Company (and first real entrepreneurial pursuit)

    This has been a really interesting read, and i fully commend you on everything you have done this far, massive effort!! I hurts me to hear your business is struggling and i want to add some thoughts, whether relevant or not they might help in some way. Let me just say i am, from reading through...
  4. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    Sounds good Art, will do :thumbsup:
  5. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    Hi Art, I'm originally form Christchurch myself and am there every few weeks, i'm based in Dunedin right now though. No i didn't. It can be a tough one to get replies, but one thing i would say is if you find it hard to create contact with suppliers through Alibaba initially this could follow...
  6. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    Hi Art, Nice one!! Where about's in NZ are you? My market isn't the civil market but that's certainly an exciting one to be. Good luck with your product!!
  7. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    Hi, Thanks for the kind words and the push for gold, it's much appreciated!! I'm turning 30 in a few months time. Kind of, nothing like this though. I've always hustled whatever i could to make an extra buck or two, i bought, repaired and sold dozens of vehicles over the years, ranging from...
  8. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    Hi Kelvin, sure. Target market is typically male, between the ages of 25-50, however this age range is moving lower into the earlier 20's. Most buyers are Tradespeople or business people with a strong work/lifestyle balance. I know my target customer very well as i am one :)
  9. AndyNZ

    EXECUTION Tightarse - From $70 to $35,000

    Hi all, Thought i'd do a wee write up about this crazy journey of what was initially a side hustle stemming from me being a tight arse, to a business which makes more than my job as a BDM for a multi-million dollar engineering firm. It's been a crazy, frustrating, satisfying ride to this point...
  10. AndyNZ

    INTRO Spreading myself too thin. Hi from New Zealand

    Hi guys and gals, My names Andy, i hail from NZ, notable for the All Blacks, Lord of the rings, and Fish 'n chips. Background To give you an idea of timeline, i'm turning 30 later this year. Anyways, all through school i was a super creative person, drawing, sketching, painting, always...
  11. AndyNZ

    Hi Walter, Have been reading through your thread on Import/Export product sourcing, it has been...

    Hi Walter, Have been reading through your thread on Import/Export product sourcing, it has been extremely valuable so far. I am in the process of vetting suppliers and have found one that seems promising, however i have concerns which i would like your opinion on. Would you be able to PM me to...

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