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  1. AndrewNC

    HOT TOPIC How to make $1,570 in one day | Dumpster Diving

    lol My friend who does this owns a software business, and simply goes dumpster diving for the fun of it; often times finding things of value that bring in a few hundred to dollars here and there. Not even for the money. Then, there are people out there who do it full time, with pickup trucks...
  2. AndrewNC

    Defeating "analysis paralysis"

    For what purpose does the analysis serve you? What is the positive intent behind it? What is it protecting you from? How, specifically is this a problem for you now? In what specific context is it no longer serving you? What will happen if you continue to do this? What is a more...
  3. AndrewNC

    Find business partners.. how to choose them

    For my current venture, I was on the other side of the fence. He was seeking out someone in the online marketing realm who also knows the vegan niche. We met in October at a Meetup group teaching us how to raise capital. I introduced him over lunch to a potential investor. That didn't work...
  4. AndrewNC

    O/T: HEALTH Homeopathic Medicines and Healing

    Tocosh. A natural anti-biotic sold here in Peru that helped after getting sick from the bacteria in the water (or on food). No doctors visits or pills needed.
  5. AndrewNC

    GOLD! This is what 60 Pounds (27 KGS) Looks Like

    One thing I would look into are the preservatives in the South Beach Diet foods. Chemicals added to your food with the intent to create a long shelf-life, but not healthy. If you can find foods that don't contain any chemical preservatives, that will help your health a lot. It wasn't until...
  6. AndrewNC


    In your iOS developer account at the following website is where you create provisioning profiles. Then you connect it to your xCode project. Go to your account on this website to do that: Apple Developer Copy and pasting the error message into google is what I always do first. There are also...
  7. AndrewNC

    O/T: HEALTH "Imagine living in a world where illness is optional." Individualized Nutrition

    @MJ DeMarco - Have you come across this yet? You seem to be getting more and more interested in health & wellness in recent years. Came across this really interesting company during my research into the health industry... "Imagine living in a world where illness is optional" A very powerful...
  8. AndrewNC

    Affirmations and Goal Visualization

    Once a month I have a ritual where I sit down, I create an inner vision, seeing, hearing, and feeling as if I have my ultimate end goal (lake tahoe dream house, $23.8 million, dream wife, relaxation, achievement). I pay attention to the feelings I would feel as if I already achieved that goal...
  9. AndrewNC

    Anyone ever taken a David Bayer Course or have a mindset coach?

    I can't provide any opinion on David's course because I haven't taken it myself, but from working in this industry for close to four years now, something in this realm is exactly what will help you. Take into mind that what you'll be learning here isn't marketing, it's not sales, it's not...
  10. AndrewNC

    HOT TOPIC Should I Start a Vegan Business If I Don't Believe In It?

    With all of the long-term committed vegans I've come across, you're spot on with this statement. "If you're not vegan and you're just starting a vegan business to profit, you will not have the support of the vegan community." is what they said to me in 2016. If you try to be the face of the...
  11. AndrewNC

    Ontraport vs. Infusionsoft vs. Alternatives?

    For anybody who is looking into these solutions, Ontraport seems to be the best solution for digital products and one-stop-shop physical products. But with custom features, it will require intgrations with shopify or other shopping cart softwares. Better delivery for emails. Infusionsoft...
  12. AndrewNC

    Ontraport vs. Infusionsoft vs. Alternatives?

    Looking for a software program to handle the following needs. We will be selling Vegan food products direct to consumer through our website and are anticipating to grow to 2,000-4,000 orders placed per month by the end of the year (that will include recurring revenue with the average customer...
  13. AndrewNC

    NOTABLE! Does your "get rich" internet guru only make $28K/yr?

  14. AndrewNC

    HOT TOPIC Plant-Based Opportunities / Vegan Business Opportunities

    ^Coming from a friend of mine, where she has been vegan for many years. "There should be..." Basically, what she is referencing is that a lot of household items are tested on animals (soaps, shampoos, shaving creams, sun screen, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, etc.) - and whole the 'is...
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