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  1. Allthingznew

    OFF-TOPIC Livescribe- Computer in a pen

    This video has even more good info on it. YouTube - DEMO 2008: Livescribe makes smart pen a reality
  2. Allthingznew

    OFF-TOPIC Livescribe- Computer in a pen

    Pretty cool Christmas gift? Maybe for yourself? LiveScribe Demo at D5 - AOL Video
  3. Allthingznew

    The Psychology of Persuasion

    Dr. Robert Cialdini is the author of The Psychology of Persuasion and there is about a 40 min lecture he recently gave here. Good stuff to apply to all kinds of business.
  4. Allthingznew

    O/T: FUNNY The iPhone is a piece of sh-- (Rated R)

    I've had mine for about 2 months now and am very happy with it. I was in LA last month on a route just when the fires broke out. I was stopped on 91W because they had a lane closed for fire fighting. I pulled off the freeway, used my Google maps on the iphone to find a frontage road that ran...
  5. Allthingznew

    Making money in a Recession

    Kind of a sad commentary when the number one goes to the government and the last on the list is new business.
  6. Allthingznew

    OFF-TOPIC The Beggar On The Street...

    There are people who do it for a living, and make good money in some areas according to a tv show I saw once, and there are people who really need help and everything in between. I choose to go with my gut. I don't want to give to scammers and I don't want to pass someone truly in need, so I go...
  7. Allthingznew

    Making money in a Recession

    It doesn't appear too many here are using an Iphone to know much about their apps, but there are people making $800 a day selling .99 cent Iphone apps. In tough times, people will still indulge a little, they need to.
  8. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL Google Chrome

    So, if I understand correctly, when Google come out with a Mac version, you will have the best of both worlds?
  9. Allthingznew

    Ice Road Truckers

    Some here may be familiar with ice road trucking, but some may not. This clip has a bit of the story of the guy who got it started. Truly entrepreneurial thought. It never occurred to him he couldn't do it. Ice Road Truckers Video Gallery
  10. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL Google Chrome

    I was wondering if anyone has used it and if so if they have any comments about it. I'm on a Mac and it's still in beta for Windows only. If you've tried it, what do you think?
  11. Allthingznew

    Tim Ferris on TV

    "What's my secret? I deconstruct, streamline and remap any challenge" That's the phrase that caught my attention. Interesting if we can see his mind in the process.
  12. Allthingznew

    Tim Ferris on TV

    This could be interesting YouTube - Sneak Peek - Tim Ferriss TV Debut, 12/4 "Trial by Fire"
  13. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL Website domain conflict

    I think it depends on whether or not it's a registered trademark or even just a deep pockets company you don't want to mess with. If you want to name your business ABC Plumbing and find there is another ABC Plumbing in another town or state, that shouldn't be a problem.
  14. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL For Twitter Users

    I had to go back and dig to find it, but this is where I found it and gives a good demo. The topic search I did myself using the top right hand search box, which is powered by Summize. YouTube - Why I Dont Follow On Twitter...Much
  15. Allthingznew

    WEB/DIGITAL For Twitter Users

    Came across this site recently which allows you to follow a complete Twitter conversation. Type in the name you want to see. Also, you can search tweets by topic, which has great marketing advantages. Follow Twitter Conversations -

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