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    MARKETPLACE Fox Web School "Legend" Group Coaching Program 2021

    I NEED to print that is really long and I need to study every single word thank you from Italy
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    HOT TOPIC Jordan Belfort’s Sales Training - Is it worth It?

    I'v found a copy of the SL Persuasion, so I did not pay for it And just let me say, that in my way of thinking is too expensive 997 dollars is really to much cost and value are on two different levels So with the copy in my hand (170 pages) I've followed him on Facebook and Patreon, for the...
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    Brand building:How important is the logo?

    two words: visual hummer
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    Please check out my website

    I've seen it from a laptop (no smartphone) it's nice But I would change picture in the background With something with an higher number of pixels (I know it cost in term of "loading" the page) Then I want to apologize with you and I want to tell you that I'm from Italy so maybe I can not...
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    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    I just do not trust the media make sure to be able to live in your bunker home for 3-4 month minimum :P
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    Offline business ideas?

    learn how to create: luxury jewelry box with hidden pockets ones you create one beautiful wood jewelry luxury box after 100 Hours of Work for a high spending target you can ask the price that you want (high spending target buy what they like without looking the price tag) I'm from Italy
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    HOT TOPIC Who here has quit social media?

    this is my first post here in the forum and I have 4 Facebook profiles 1 is an old profile from 2009 where I used to delete about the 100 "friends" after 100 deleted friends I did not want to waste some more time deleting the other 170 so I've decided to create a new profile where now I...

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