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  • Harrassment? No, it's called tough love. BTW, I own this forum so I make the rules and one of them is "NO MLM" (as well as no politics, and religion -- of course this was explained in the rules which you did not read ... that's OK, most don't. BTW, I was in FOUR MLM's so I know how it is to be proud about something ... except being proud didn't make me millions.
    Son, you are about to be banned from this forum. Signatures are prohibited because we hate seeing 2 sentence posts from newbies like you who have a lot to learn and think posting this shit in hopes to get your signature out to promote some MLM BS. Sorry for being rough on ya ... we truly hope you get beyond this sticking point. Contribute, and yes, signatures are allowed ... but not MLM. If you knew anything about "Fastlane", you'd understand. But then again, you don't since you just popped in to sig-pimp your signature.
    Network marketing links, signatures, and other BS is prohibited at this forum. If you intend on sticking around and learning something, please follow the rules. Thanks and welcome.
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