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  1. AlessioLC

    HOT TOPIC Forex - The ultimate Fastlane (?)

    You can make money from Forex, everybody is doing it wrong. If you fall for the indicators bullshit of course you're going to get crushed, they've been created by brokers, brokers job is to make money from you. Trendlines, Naked Price Actions, Key Levels (Zones), Volume & Fibo is all you need...
  2. AlessioLC

    Custom PC Business Idea

    There's a market for high end computers / custom computers and it's been 5 years now that i custom mine, but i don't think it will be the case in the future, however you have an open window of 5 - 8 years to make something of it, nobody said that you had to keep a business for 10 years. By...
  3. AlessioLC

    MARKETPLACE KAK’s “Kill Bigger” Incubation Program

    Amazing Kak ! Hope to hear great stories from members about this !
  4. AlessioLC

    Cannabis biz started 2 years ago, sold $7M!

    Btw if someone has a great reference explaining all of the mecanich to build a lucrative website i'm open to that ! Knowledge purpose ftm
  5. AlessioLC

    Cannabis biz started 2 years ago, sold $7M!

    Great move, early move win the game. I still don't know how a website can make so much money in a such a short period of time, ads & affiliate must be very lucrative in the industry right now.
  6. AlessioLC

    HOT TOPIC Introverts vs Extroverts (The forum is mostly introverts?)

    I think we're kind of all the same, we love being around people but not too much, we prefer to be alone most of the time and minding our own business. Being around / interacting with people all day long is not possible, just a bit each day is enough.
  7. AlessioLC

    OFF-TOPIC What Countries and Places Offer the Best Life Quality?

    Well France is France, so we are the country of Taxes, north or south no differences ! It's definitely a nice place however the people are very special, very communal, if you're from the North you're not from 'them'. Searched for a commercial space 2y ago for a coffee project, 1 month entirely...
  8. AlessioLC

    OFF-TOPIC What Countries and Places Offer the Best Life Quality?

    If i need to move i would definitely look for a place where there's a beautiful weather most part of the year, low-medium taxes and good food / friendly environment.
  9. AlessioLC

    I haven't had my FTE, what should I do?

    Your FTE can happen anytime, seeing your family struggling and hitting a point of supposed no return or anything like that. It could be losing someone, not being able to afford this ONE item that you want so bad but can't afford because you don't make enough money. It could be when a girl throw...
  10. AlessioLC

    HOT TOPIC Can We Talk About Gary V? (Vaynerchuck)

    His Youtube channel and his personnal brand is its networth & business guys. He get clients from being well known on Youtube and word of mouth. He get sales of his products because he's known on internet. He's a good salesman to be honest and you'll be able to find himself telling the opposite...
  11. AlessioLC

    Can anyone recommend a good Forex Broker?

    Thanks Bill @V8Bill, i was looking for one ;)
  12. AlessioLC

    OFF-TOPIC What Tech Are You Eyeing This Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

    Same here, but for me 3 times a day..i work a lot on my phone so it was necessary. I had the budget to take the last one and to be honest the spec on the last one is very interesting as much as the size of the screen. The battery, the camera and size are enough for me. I'll keep the 6S and will...
  13. AlessioLC

    OFF-TOPIC What Tech Are You Eyeing This Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

    New iPhone XR in 128gb or X i don't know, my 6S is dying and i had it since the launch, i don't buy anything normally but it's starting to piss me off when you go out with 100% and while doing nothing you now got 50% in 30 minutes (battery has been changed 5 months ago). So yes, new iPhone i...
  14. AlessioLC

    HOT TOPIC How deep does this "FAKE GURU" market actually go?

    The Fake Guru market is getting much bigger each months, unfortunately. But you have to be able to make the difference between someone who's selling his knowledge (and expertise) or fake content. I've bought 3 courses this year because i wanted to expand my knowledge and i don't regret it...
  15. AlessioLC

    HOT TOPIC Make money with B2B ecommerce, even with just 1 product

    Step by step, look for what your industry needs or what your industry is using and can be done better, each step take time.

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