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  1. _Will_

    EXECUTION Creating online courses

    Yep... 17 years
  2. _Will_

    INTRO Tired of Spinning my Wheels

    Welcome Bob! Not sure what you have in mind but you can leverage your c# knowledge and start creating mobile apps with Xamarin - a cross platform software that targets both android and ios.
  3. _Will_

    EXECUTION Creating online courses

    Hello - Is anybody here creating online courses that sell for a premium price ($299+) ? What's been your challenges ? Was your MVP just a teaser of the course ? I would like to hear people's experience on this topic.
  4. _Will_

    HOT TOPIC Can you recommend a good website host?

    First and foremost: Stay away from any EIG company. I've moved a couple of wordpress sites to siteground and couldn't be happier
  5. _Will_

    OFF-TOPIC How to download a U.S based app when you're overseas

    APK is the android package file (so just for Androids). I'm not sure there is a way to install an APP outside the apple store unless the device is jailbreaked. There are lots of VPN services out there. You can subscribe to one for a month, tell them to install the VPN app on their device...
  6. _Will_

    OFF-TOPIC How to download a U.S based app when you're overseas

    1) download the APK (is it Android ?) yourself and send it to them 2) or they can access and download the app thru a VPN
  7. _Will_

    How do you know when there is too much competition in SEO?

    SEO takes time, go with paid traffic. As far as competition.... go to google keyword planner (, type some keywords that you think people would do when looking for your services e.g. "heavy metal guitar lessons" and check out the average monthly...
  8. _Will_

    WEB/DIGITAL So I've got a SaaS idea, What Now?

    Find a technical partner that believes in your idea and give him/her some equity.
  9. _Will_

    MEETUPS Northeast Florida (Jax) meetup

    I'm in Jville and it would be really nice to have a meetup here.
  10. _Will_

    EXECUTION Web building
  11. _Will_

    Keeping yourself marketable while building your side business ?

    I might be miximg my slow-lane and fast-lane thoughts but how you guys keep yourselves marketable while building your side business ? I've started dedicating my time with market researchs and etc and I don't have any time left to keep my professional skills sharp. (I'm a software enginner) Is...
  12. _Will_

    Son How Do You GET THINGS DONE??

    Trello is amazing! That's the only tool I use along with Google Docs.
  13. _Will_

    Your 'company' even before having a company

    Hello - Like many of you I wear 2 hats, my 9-5 hat and my entrepreneurial hat. I'm exploring some niches ( Customer Discovery) and just wondering how professional you guys look when talking / emailing people. What I mean is.... do you have a domain name ? or you just email from your gmail /...

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