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  • Gymjunkie,

    I think you're a dead on. I've already started talking to the guys at JT. but we def plan to pitch all of them. What's up with you and the music biz?

    Have you seen I heard it's a pretty cool distribution network
    Hey Josh, check out sites like,, to try to sell your socks through them. First two are daily email newsletter that have huge readerships and look for cool things. Third is affiliated with thrillist and is flash sales site for men. If you got in there, I think that would bring lots of revenue..
    Hey Maralevin,

    I would need more information. Why don't you send me a pm and I'll see if I can help.

    Take care,

    Hi Joshua,

    I am interested in starting an internet business selling a needed sports accessory. It is available at all the big companies in that sport, but for me it would be a specialty. You can see there would be some parallels with your business. Can you please share any of your experience with me? Any advice?

    Thank you,
    My name is Joshua and I'm a serious entrepreneur who loves finding solutions for "ignored problems". I focus mostly on creating products and systems that benefit the consumer sector and strongly support the lean start up movement started by Eric Ries.

    Feel free to pm me any time to talk about about the fastlane or lean start up movement. And of course if you use socks pm me for a fastlane discount.
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