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    HOT TOPIC How does the economy really work? (Banks, loans, value, economics)
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    New Opportunity in Corporate Clothing

    Never has a more primed opportunity landed in the fast lane's lap. Patagonia ditching an entire market over environmental concerns. Someone will have to replace them.
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    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    most of the open source blockchain resources abstract away the nasty parts you'd have to deal with in a production application (e.g., network design, consensus), but they are definitely good starting points.
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    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    My strategy is to buy XRP before the Ripple vs. SEC case settles. Assuming Ripple comes out on top, XRP will be rocket fuel. It's targeted as a de facto universal international currency that can be used in forex transactions. An XRP transaction on the RTXP takes 4 seconds, compared to bitcoins...
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    RANT I'm full of shit

    In addition to what everyone else said, I'd add that comparison is usually a bad idea. Whether you're 24 or 44, you are where you are, and looking around at other people isn't going to lead to any productive changes in your life. The best way forward is to develop the concept of your ideal...
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    EXECUTION My startup progress that will buy me a Ferrari

    Yea I'd imagine a big portion of the freelancer population is company wash outs honestly. People that couldn't cut it in a serious development role. The really good ones would just start their own firm, the average dev probably sits in some startup or enterprise.
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    EXECUTION My startup progress that will buy me a Ferrari

    Sounds like you're micromanaging, they are probably disengaging because of it. That or they dont know what they're doing. Only two explanations that would make sense really.
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    EXECUTION My startup progress that will buy me a Ferrari

    Did you give them a hard deadline? Work will always take as long as time is given.
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    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    honestly I feel like you should make this thread into a book
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    EXECUTION My startup progress that will buy me a Ferrari

    Could be a problem of inexperienced hires, or experienced hires that see the way your repo is architected and want no part of it because of lingering bad architectural patterns. Legacy code issues is the number on reason why you never hire bad devs. It will haunt you throughout the duration of...
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    HOT TOPIC Is marriage an archaic and 'scripted' ideology?

    I have never been married, so my opinion is based on observation only. I see marriage as a massive risk. Most people who get married know only the tip of the ice-burg about the intricacies of their partner's personality, goals, triggers, vulnerabilities, etc. I could spend time with the same...
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    Skill Acquisition

    getting to a place where brutal honesty is appreciated is a good goal to have
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    What is Fail Fast? Fast Idea Validation and Follow Through

    I always assuming running ads before having the product to offer is a good way to have your idea stolen.

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