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    How a 15-year-old entrepreneur got her product into Nordstrom

    Good story. If you read the story, it says that she launched her business two years ago based on an idea she came up with when she was 8. If she is 15 now, that means she had at least 5 years to develop her business interests and product before launching. It is natural that she required guidance...
  2. 2KidsinUT

    Fed Up of Getting Tired?

    I ran this thread by my sister and dad, and they agreed that walks in the evening tended to wake them up and throw their schedule off. We are going to experiment with this over the next couple of weeks.
  3. 2KidsinUT

    Fed Up of Getting Tired?

    Wow... I can't believe some of the painfully close minded replies in this thread. I believe that what willcoachman shared is indeed more accurate than not. His presentation of the information might could use a little work, but then he wasn't selling anything more or less trying to scam anyone...
  4. 2KidsinUT

    Great article about Reid Hoffman

    Here's a great article Amazing Career Advice For College Grads From LinkedIn's Billionaire Founder - Business Insider
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    Looking for feedback on my idea. Be honest!

    I like your idea, but I don't know much about business or corporate environments... so I ran your idea by someone who does, my dad... and he really likes your idea, especially your ad (but he recommends starting with $20 vouchers or higher). His advice... first, keep it very simple until you...
  6. 2KidsinUT

    Web forms -- need your opinion

    For B2B, you naturally want to focus on functionality... after all, that's what your customers will be buying. Your sales or landing page is what will sell your product/service, NOT the UI for your web forms. Forms should be simple and easy to navigate. The user shouldn't be confused or...
  7. 2KidsinUT

    Selling items locally - need help: how do I add value to compete?

    I'm a big fan of localized classified websites. Where we live more people buy and sell on than on Craigslist and ebay classifieds combined. Local classifieds can also penetrate their market more easily by putting themselves out as a local brand, which people tend to trust more. One way...
  8. 2KidsinUT

    NOTABLE! Your looks have a major impact on your life

    No doubt beautiful looks are valuable in the offline world... but solid self confidence commands respect in any situation, especially in that first 30 seconds that someone is sizing you up for the first time.
  9. 2KidsinUT

    New and, hopefully, Improved

    What happened to your old title and subtitle: ABBREVIATED TRAINING, FOR THE BUSY ATHLETE ?? It was more attention grabbing and thought provoking than THE HANDY ATHLETE. Anyways, the landing page is a lot cleaner than the last one. Not trying to sound like a grammarian, but I would suggest the...
  10. 2KidsinUT

    How To Get A Website Built For $5

    If you look through his slide show, none of the websites are clones, they are just weebly templates. Weebly offers their service for free with an upsell to a $5 Pro account for a few extra features. Nevertheless, even if he can build client websites in a single minute, the value comes from how...
  11. 2KidsinUT

    squeeze pages and growing an email list

    Self hosted web pages generally look more professional, but you got to work with what you have or what you're familiar with. Don't let that "Powered by" button stop you from developing your landing page.
  12. 2KidsinUT

    How To Get A Website Built For $5

    Wow... the negative speculation. From the slideshow on his gig it looks like he builds the websites on If you don't mind working with templates (I hate them), weebly provides a pretty nice platform and fairly decent template system. We've used them for past projects, and in our...
  13. 2KidsinUT

    squeeze pages and growing an email list

    Yes!! Free interim materials plus the anticipation of some future release is far, far more attractive than "give me your email for a free ebook". I don't know if your product offering is the right fit for LaunchRock, at least not the way it is above, but take a look at some of the startups at...
  14. 2KidsinUT

    squeeze pages and growing an email list

    Make it fit mobile devices; break it up into a headline and sub headline; add product image or video content; add social media sharing and links, describe key benefits and features with short simple statements; use bullet points; add an effective call to action with a form field to collect...
  15. 2KidsinUT

    HOT TOPIC a n00b needs help starting with consulting

    LOL... peace friends peace.
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