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  1. meridian_blue
    meridian_blue elliotth27
    Hi elliotth27! Not sure if this is the place to do this since I am new to the forum, but I read a thread you wrote that really fascinated me! I'm a university student about to graduate, and am very interested in CRE and hope to get involved in brokerage and eventually RE development. If you have a chance, could I ask you some questions about your industry? Thank you very much for your time!
  2. Eric Hanson
    Eric Hanson
    Skills development in progress.
  3. jasoncuellar123
  4. Tanishatheangel
    Tanishatheangel Andrew R
    Fat Andrew whats the cost of living in new york per month for rent food shopping cars etc?
  5. Medictrendz
  6. azsno
    Reading, reading, and reading...
  7. qu1ksilver
    The hard work is paying dividends... I always knew it would*
  8. Hugmefashion1
    “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”
  9. Kevin Togatorop
    Kevin Togatorop
    Need Mentoring on how to sell more books to customer. Thank you :)
  10. Shamar Value
    Shamar Value
    Fell in Love with a Girl from Spain
  11. Greg Jeffries
    Greg Jeffries
    Make Money | Help Others | Have Fun
  12. Andrew C
    Andrew C
    Always on my GRIND...
  13. shawnrm
    shawnrm Shawn Nevad
    Hey Shawn, I'm curious as to how I get added to the Dropbox folder with the following books:

    Scientific Advertising
    Robert Collier Letter Book
    Tested Advertising Methods
    How to Write a Good Advertisement
    Gary Halbert Letter
    Boron Letters
    Lazy Man's Way to Riches
    Breakthrough Advertising
    7 Steps to Freedom

    Thanks bro,
  14. TheNextTrump
    Been a lonnnnnng time, hope all my fellow fastlane memebers are out there kicking ass!
  15. Trent Belasco
    Trent Belasco
    Leading the way in harnessing AI and bots to create better content and social - faster - for our clients
  16. ontheRIGHTtrack
    gaining momentum
  17. AndreHimself
    Your best bet to get them to see the truth, is for you to live the truth. -MJ, Raving Lunatic
  18. Mike Mescodi
    Mike Mescodi
    Lifetime Learning
  19. Virg
    Empowered Fine Artist Goal to Sell OnLine Prints
  20. Master K. Stone
    Master K. Stone
    Elon Musk Tip for Success #2 Attract Great People.
  21. Jack McTigue
    Jack McTigue
    > wealthy with no money <
  22. ClaverCasley
    Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.
  23. scwilson1989
    Mind being blown reading Unscripted!
  24. LunchMoney
    Been searching these forums for a few days. My paperback copy of TFM came in and can't put it down.
  25. meysam
    we shear exhibitors list and trade fair info