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  1. policebaton
    policebaton Contrarian
    We're in the very beginning phase right now... starting to change our strategies a lot but after a couple months of half focusing haven't made a single dollar yet unfortunately.

    Hoping it doesn't turn out like this lol. My share is 10% vested equity...

    Thanks so much for the write up man
  2. policebaton
    policebaton Contrarian
    Man, your recruiting story is so much like mine right now! Like dead on.

    Started as an employee at a magazine for a guy, done pretty well as he's invested a lot into training me, and he wanted to start a recruiting firm using all the network he built from that.
  3. GinoHoney
  4. Max Crowe
    Max Crowe
    // Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities ~ Oscar Wilde
  5. Katsuya
    Just wasting time not doing anything. Requesting help
  6. Tamal Anwar
    Tamal Anwar
    Reading the millionaire fast-lane.
  7. Satvik Gupta
    Satvik Gupta nradam123
    Glad to see another Indian! I just went through your journey of quitting job, and getting into online earning full time. I must say, your journey has inspired me to start mine now.
  8. Christopher777
    Christopher777 AndrewNC
    Thanks for the rep Andrew!
  9. Nekoemon
    Eager for action and hot for the game ("Life in the fast lane", by Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey and Don Henley)
  10. businessbaybee
  11. Paulli
    Paulli Liberty T. Vance
    You are a Tool fan, and you have some really great posts. Double job well done, my friend.
    1. Liberty T. Vance likes this.
    2. Liberty T. Vance
      Liberty T. Vance
      Thanks.... Bummed I couldn't catch em this last tour but living in China... Gonna make sure I see em after the new album comes out.
      Jul 23, 2017 at 6:13 AM
  12. jasoncuellar123
    Having stuff is the antithesis of freedom. I never realized how much of a mess my life was, until I had to move everything to a new location
  13. Perry
    Trying to figure out how to use this forum
  14. JBrock1984
    I loved the Millionaire Fastlane Audio and would love to surround myself with other like minded entrepreneurs.
  15. HayesTech
    HayesTech CareCPA
    Do you think that being a CPA is worth it? Am I making a mistake?
    1. CareCPA
      I'd say it really depends on what you want to do in life. I enjoy doing taxes and accounting, but many people find it boring. Feel free to send me a PM with specific questions.
      Jul 12, 2017
  16. ChrisBoyd
    I'm just here so I won't get fined.
  17. Brewer07
  18. Jess Grey
    Jess Grey
    Hanging by a (FLF) thread.
  19. SJAM
    Getting Unscripted !
  20. CopyDane
    CopyDane SinisterLex
    Hey there! I stumbled upon a post by you from december 2016 in golden thread about blogging, in which you state that "It began after I started working with a client who asked me to help her deal with a specific problem (copywriting related)."

    Can you tell me more about that specific problem? I'm from Denmark, so I won't be a competitor to you.

    I hope it's not too much to ask for - thanks in advance!
  21. Nicoli
    You gotta move with urgency, assert with certainty Ask me if I'm set to serve, I say, certainly
  22. LukeBBrook
    Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit
  23. Catalin
    Anything that's fun costs at least $8
  24. ozobsessed
    Assimilating the process. Hopefully passing on the lessons learned
  25. JMac829
    JMac829 UnrealCreative
    Where are you coming from for the meetup? I'm 19 years old - could pick you up!