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  1. PersianCub
    Movin forward daily
  2. edward ace
    edward ace
    I have read Unscripted. I want that reflected in my profile.
  3. Rabcats
    New aspiring entrepreneur
  4. StillGrindin'
  5. mick agger
    mick agger
    Bitcoin Millionaire
  6. fvcorp
    fvcorp Thinh
    Let me know what a fair offer for the GSuite account is. My email is wtfavaro@gmail.com and my number is (226) 236-5337. We can chat if you’d like.
    1. Thinh
      Hey, have you read George Appiah's reply?
      Sorry for the erroneous information.

      You can still use the account, but you'd have to buy my old domain (which I don't own anymore, it's available to anyone ).

      In any case I appreciate your approach, the fact you offered to pay is commendable. I'd still give it to you for free anyway.
      Nov 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM
  7. RazorCut
    RazorCut 0VO
    Thank you for the rep. :o)
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  8. Mantas
    Mantas Andrew1888
    Hi bro, I am from Glasgow and I am also looking for like-minded individuals! We could meet-up at some point! ;)
  9. Elia
    There is no “try”, I do or do not
  10. ned.ryerson
    I sure heck remember you.
  11. Jinn Sola
    Jinn Sola
    Feels good to be here :)
  12. Calvert79
    Calvert79 RazorCut
    Thank you so much for the book recommendation. I can't put it down!
    1. RazorCut
      Nov 16, 2018 at 7:38 AM
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  13. Olie Sins
  14. BaraQueenbee
    New mindset, new life. Who this?
  15. Elia
    Wealth's road trip formula is like a recipe. -Mj DeMarco
  16. Tysha Achariya
  17. Elia
    Give yourself no choice but to succeed. - Jordan Belfort
  18. PersianCub
    PersianCub ZCP
    Hey, just saw your in Woodstock. I’m in Marietta, would love to connect one of these days when my schedule eases up.
  19. LMRM
    Always thinking a bit too much.
  20. defender2010
    This guy is on Fire
  21. Seth Goodluck
    Seth Goodluck
    FOCUS - because without it, everything becomes a blur
  22. velikan
  23. Seth Goodluck
  24. COSenior
    Announcing the launch of my business: Metaprosperity Institute. Life coaching for your entrepreneurial success.
  25. Aleph
    Current status: getting rid of my bullshit