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The plan, feedback & continued updates

Discussion in 'Process / Progress / Execution Threads' started by hackersmovie, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. hackersmovie

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    Sep 19, 2011
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    Maryland, USA
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    I've been quite here for a while as I've been working out details and execution of my plan. I finally officially launched 1/1/13 and so far it has been met with overwhelming reviews. More importantly in just a little less than 45 days it (short term anyway) is generating a small profit. So what is the product/service? How am I doing it different to solve a problem? Here we go:

    The niche' is in web design. Not a very exclusive niche' until you dig in deeper and start looking at the offerings. More importantly, looking at the end product of what people/small businesses are spending money on. So, instead of me just coming out and saying how it's different I ask that you check out the website and see if I am conveying it correctly. (what better way to know, right?)

    Heitz Digital, LLC

    Other than seeing if you can tell the "fastlane" part of my company, let me know overall thoughts about the company site as well. (NOTE: we specifically are against super flashy, cluttered, un-organized web design, you'll certainly notice that from our site)

    I'll also post company success/updates here as well as time moves forward.

    Thanks in advance.
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